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Free telephone consultation
From anywhere in North America, call toll-free:


Outside North America?  
Please email your name and phone number 
and a good time to call you.  I am happy to call you anywhere in the world.  Please include your mobile number and your land-line, if you have one.

If you want to call me, the number is 1-505-898-1107.

For fastest service: Want to know how long an item
will take to reach you or how much shipping will cost?

I can answer in one email if you give me 4 pieces of info:
1. The item you want (Item #, name, or url)
2. The date by which you must have it
3. Your location (State, province, or country outside North America.)
4. If you are willing (or not) to pay for expedited shipping if necessary, in order to meet your date.
For any other questions, please provide specific details about the item you wish to order (name, metal, etc.). The more information you provide, the more accurate I can be with my response. Thanks!!!

Contact Us
(Double and triple check this, please, and make sure it is spelled correctly and that it is complete, with, for example, a .com or .net or extension). Then If you do not hear back from me within 18 hours, please email "mf at" (replacing "at" with "@"). Thank you.
Marketers: "No, we are not looking for internet marketing, paid likes, better google listings (ours are the best), so please do not waste your time. We are entirely customer focused!"