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Oval Color-Change Sapphire Puzzle Engagement Ring


Our spectacular, oval, color-change sapphire engagement ring is a genuine, platinum, four-band puzzle ring. Its Celtic style is beautifully enhanced by a Renaissance-style gemstone setting. While this ring is shown... read more

Celtic Style, 1 CT Marquise Orange Zircon Puzzle Engagement Ring with a Claddagh Shadow Band


We will always seek to get the diamond or colored gemstone you dream of for your ring, even if it means undertaking a significant search. Our client approached us... read more

A Scottish Metal Detectorist Found a 400-Year Old Lover’s Posy Ring


A gentleman in Scotland found a gold poesy ring from 400 years ago, and when he did, he was required to submit it to the “Treasure Trove Unit” of... read more

Marquise Aquamarine and Diamond Bridal Set in 14K Rose Gold


Simply bedazzling! We love this bridal set in 14K rose gold — such a warm and radiant color.  The open weave puzzle ring bears a 1/2 CT to 7/10ths... read more

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